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Interview with Killjoy DeSade from NECROPHAGIA (Jul 2011) – AM#01

Here is an in depth interview with NECROPHAGIA frontman and founder, Killjoy DeSade. Here he talks about the bands current release (at the time) Deathtrip 69 as well as giving us some history into NECROPHAGIA and his passion for the Horror Genre…

This Interview was originally published in Aftermath Magazine Issue#1


NECROPHAGIA; probably the most important Death Metal bands in history are back with a brand new assault under the title ‘Deathtrip 69’. Here we talk with Killjoy Desade: Musician, Actor, Writer, Horror Enthusiast and Founder of NECROPHAGIA, about his journey and years of de(a)dication through the world of horror n gore…

Firstly, how are you?

I’m groovy man. Just doing heaps of interviews/press right now and we’re doing a few festivals and one off gigs before doing a full tour later this year. We’re also designing our new stage show and going over concepts for some new videos. It’s been hectic but good.

In a lot of peoples eyes Nercrophagia ‘invented’ Death Metal and hardly any bands who play this kind of music are aware of this fact, what are your thoughts on this and how do you feel about the place and importance of your debut album ‘Season Of The Dead’?

I don’t place any kind of importance on this type of thing. I know we are definitely one of the first Death Metal bands ever but we have also kind of went beyond any specific genre a long time ago. I call our music audio horror, a mixture of horror movie aesthetics and extreme metal. We were also the first band to use horror imagery, horror film samples and lyrics. That being said I seriously don’t care about getting credit for anything except making good records in my humble opinion hahaha

With 4 albums under the belt and the 5th coming out this May entitled ‘Deathtrip 69’ via Season Of Mist. How would you describe the evolution of Necrophagia leading up to this record?

We have definitely evolved, shapeshifted and morphed over the years. I would get bored making the same type of record over and over again. It works for bands like The Ramones or Cannibal Corpse but for Necrophagia it’s about pushing the grave open further and further without ever loosing our identity or our roots in extreme metal. Deathtrip 69 is kind of mixture of everything we have ever done but also going back to the roots of the band a bit more. It’s more stripped own and organic approach. We’ve added a few new elements and also returned to having guitar solo’s in our songs which has always been a favorite thing of mine if done properly. Boris Randall definitely does it properly.


Pictured Above – Necrophagia 2010

There has been a long break between ‘Harvest Ritual Volume One’ leading up to the new album ‘Deathtrip 69’. What were the reasons behind the long gap?

Also, was there any intention to have a Volume Two with Harvest Ritual?

Delays are just something I have learned to deal with. It’ shame hahaha I’m the only one haha who has learned to be fine with delays. What can I say I’m a prick at times. Line up changes, record label negotiations, re-writing songs, six months in the studio, I drink too much at times. Take your pick. I absolutely intended to record HR Vol. 2 but I decided to go in a different direction. HR Vol. 2 won’t happen now. Deathrip 69 is a direction that I like much better. Stripped down, back to basic. Cut your fukkking throat attack ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Necrophagia will never work on a normal release schedule. If enough songs come together quickly we’ll do a new record. If it takes time to get those songs and elements to make a good record then so be it. We definitely march to our beat without regards to any pressure or deadlines. It’s probably hurt us in many ways but at least not at the expense of the fans who have never gotten a half hearted sterile, boring record from Necrophagia.

Deathtrip 69 features Charles Manson on the cover, would you say this album is homage to Charles Manson? And where does the fascination come from to pay ‘tribute’ to Charlie? How would you best explain the concept of this new record?

I have always been fascinated with Charlie. DT69 isn’t really a tribute to him. It’s a big element within the overall theme. I’ve had the idea and concept for a very, very long time. There is no real concept to DT69. The songs are all about horror films or horror in general and two songs deal with the Manson Family ordeal. I’m not condoning what happened. I think Sharon Tate was a Goddess. I’m just really into the whole vibe and control Charlie had and the events that unfolded, not really the end result but how it all came together.

As the late Chas Balun and then Basil Gogos painted two of your past albums, who was the artist involved with the cover art of Deathtrip 69?

Jake Arnette did the new cover. He’s a very good artist and I’ve known him for many years. I wanted to help him get started within the music business. He has tattooed all the members of Necrophagia at one point as well. The artwork fits the mood and title of DT69 perfectly. I wanted to do something different. I don’t like to become to predictable ya dig ;)

Pictured Above – CD Cover for Deathtrip 69

What can you tell us about the current line-up of the band, Where was the album recorded? And what was the recording procedure like?

I’m having a blast again. Everyone is located within an hour of each other. I’ve know these guys long before they were in Necro. We should be able to accomplish a lot together. Everyone is a really great musician as well as a cool motherfukkker.

You have some great guest musicians on this album including Casey Chaos from Amen and Maniac Ex-Mayhem… What is your relationship like with these artists and when did you know you wanted them to be apart of this record?

Both are some of my very best and oldest friends within the music scene. Both are also the best vocalist in the respective genres (punk and black metal). As soon as Kyra was finished musically, I said immediately. I wanna get Casey on this song; it just felt perfect for him. Maniac has been a part of DT69 for a long time. I’ll use any excuse to work with him hahaha. He is without a doubt my favorite Black Metal vocalist. His voice is so sick and powerful. He also has a great spoken word approach and that’s what he did on the tile track.

Do you have a favourite track from Deathtrip 69? If so, which one and why?

I would say “Beast with Feral Claws”. It has perfectly sets the tone of the record. Pure Old school Necrophagia (sick, catchy and horror filled) we’re gonna do a video for it very soon.

Going back for some History now, when and how did you decide to create and form the band Necrophagia and how you wanted the music to sound?

I was in a punk band called Leppers Revenge. It was still lyrically themed mostly in horror but it also had some other sides. I heard Venom and then Hellhammer and I immediately stopped L.R and formed Necrophagia. I considered the name Zombie, Ghoul and The Undead but Necrophagia sounded much darker and obscure so I went with that hahahaha

With having a frequent Line-up change with Necrophagia, is it something that you would say there is a specific reason for this? Is it intentional or more of a ‘personal differences’ kind of thing? Do you ever keep in touch with the past members of the band?

I don’t know if there’s any singular reason. I guess it depends on who you ask hahaha. I guess I’m an absinthe drinking, egomaniac who doesn’t play well with others, a tyrant, I work too slow, I don’t like being told “no” hahaha. Man I don’t know. I can say I’m having a lot of fun again and having the line up all in one location is amazing. Boris has been a friend for over 25 years so yeah I hope we keep this line up going for a very long time. I tend to always look forward and the positive side of things rather than to dwell on the past accomplishments or any negativity.


Pictured Above – Necrophagia ad for the re-release of Season Of The Dead via Katzenjammer Records 2010.

When & where was ‘Season Of The Dead’ recorded? And what can you tell us about the line-up at the time at the time?

We recorded Season of the Dead in the middle of 1986 and it was released in February 1987. We recorded at a really nice studio in Pittsburgh, Pa called Aircraft. Up until Season was recorded the line up was a lot of fun and we were very creative. The other members decided to go a different direction musically that had nothing to do with Necrophagia so I disbanded Necrophagia completely and moved on without a second thought.


Pictured Above – Necrophagia 1987

Many years past after the first album what were you doing musically after the release of ‘Season Of The Dead’?

I didn’t have much of a break, I signed a deal with Capitol/Enigma/Colossal for another band which the label insisted was to be called Necrophagia or Killjoy. It definitely wasn’t Necrophagia material so I went with Killjoy. I wanted the name Malfaitor. But they of corpse wanted one of the other names to make their marketing job much easier. I then decided I didn’t like being controlled to that extent by any record label and then formed Cabal. We recorded one release but I quit that band before it was released and finally stayed dormant musically from 1993 until 1997. I worked on some film scripts, horror music which later surfaced as Enoch and wrote about 60% of a book on horror films.

Holocausto De La Morte the 2nd record was released in 1997 with Phil Anselmo (Pantera / Down) on guitars. How did this come about that Phil would join the band as a member?

It was recorded in 1997 and then released in 1998. Philip was a good friend for many years prior to reforming Necrophagia. It was his idea and inspiration that lead to Necrophagia unearthing. I give him all the credit for that 100% He did it because he was a huge fan of the band from the very earliest days and he felt he could bring the band back sicker and heavier than where we left off. In my opinion he succeeded in doing that and then some.


 Pictured Above – Necrophagia 1997

Shortly after this release the same line-up did Black Blood Vomitoirum EP and Cannibal Holocaust EP. Which tracks from all 3 of that line-up ended up in the bands first (and very graphic) home video entitled ‘Through Eyes Of The Dead’, Directed by James VanBebber (Director of The Manson Family)… Featuring many gore-filled graphic clips to enthral any fan of the genre, how did this Video/DVD spring to life? How did VanBebber get involved to direct the video?

The idea for doing videos and a DVD was my idea. I wanted to make the most depraved and gore drenched videos in the entire history of music. Again we definitely succeeded on those fronts. Bringing JVB in was both Philip and my idea. We were both friends and fans of his previous works. He’s a very talented director with a lot of passion and vision.

The band is infamous for the track Cannibal Holocaust (amongst many other tracks), Featured not only on your DVD but now on the re-issued version of the controversial Film. What can you tell us about the collaboration with the film and the director Ruggero Deodato?

For us to be featured on The Cannibal Holocaust and The Beyond DVD was the equivalent of other bands winning a Grammy hahaha, we were very stoked to be asked to be a part of both releases. Deodato is an amazing director who always pushed the limits just like Lucio Fulci. It’s definitely one of the biggest things for me personally, out of my entire musical career.


Pictured Above – Necrophagia ad for the re-release of Holocausto De La Morte / Black Blood Vomitorium via Katzenjammer Records 2010.

The Divine Art Of Torture’ the bands 3rd full length album was released several years later with a new line-up, what can you tell us about how this line-up was chosen and the tour that followed the release of the record?

I choose that line up based on the direction I wanted to take the band. I wanted this line up to be able to add a little more technical savvy and more horror film aesthetics. I think it went over very well and it worked out just as I had envisioned it. I think we had taken that direction as far as we could without loosing our roots in extreme metal. I’m proud of what we accomplished in a very short amount of time.

The Divine Art Of Torture was the followed by another gore-drenched video-clip DVD entitled ‘Nightmare Scenarios’ which has a guest appearance with the Brazilian Horror Director Jose Marins (aka Coffin Joe). What was the process like doing these videos? Who was involved? And what was the experience like?

I loved working with Coffin Joe. He was truly way a head of his time. He truly evokes fear and dread in his own way. He didn’t follow any rules and he didn’t have any taboos. We also worked with Paul Naschy who recently passed away. Paul was an icon of lower budget Spanish/Euro horror. I absolutely love his films and working with him was truly a nightmare come true. I’m very lucky that such talented people have always agreed to work with Necrophagia and I’m trying to make sure those types of collaborations happen in the future as well. I like seeing different cultures and their take on the horror genre. I have a handful of directors I would like to work with in the future. Time will tell.

Necrophagia (2)

Pictured Above – Necrophagia 2003

You visited Australia in late 2010 and did some Interviews / Instores etc… And also appeared on stage with Mayhem at the Melbourne Show… What was that experience like? And what was your experience like in Australia?

I absolutely can’t wait to return to Australia. I made a lot of good friends, and also some really good business partners like Katzenjammer and Modern Invasion. I met with Soundworks touring. It definitely laid the groundwork for a proper Oz invasion in the near future. I also liked trying new foods and beers. Truly a very fun and productive time.

Australia was one of the last countries Necrophagia had broken into, last year Necrophagia’s first two albums were finally re-released down here to a great reception and many copies have sold.
What’s your reaction to this and why did you think it has taken the band so long to crack Oz? Do you plan to bring Necrophagia to play some shows there?

I know what the problem was. Many of our releases were banned in the country. Without product and promotion it’s very hard to crack any market. The scene is flooded with so many trends and genres. It’s vital to have a company behind you. Necrophagia is very proud to work and continue to work with Katzenjammer. I think now we will truly be able to do a tour of Oz and NZ within the next year. We still have much work to do prior but every indication seems that Necrophagia haunting Australia will happen sooner than later. Fuck Oath!

You have some shows booked already in support of the new album, When and Where are these? What countries are you planning on touring?

We have several shows and we are currently looking over offers for tours of Europe, the USA/Canada and South America. Right now we are concentrating on warm up shows in the USA, New York, Ohio, Los Angeles and a few others. We played the Netherlands a few months ago and it was very sick. Amazing reaction after we have been away for so long.

What was one of the last CD’s you purchased and who would be some of your most influential artists of all time?

Last CD was an Elvis Collection and probably Motley Crue Saints of Los Angeles. Influential for sure would be Plasmatics, Venom, Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, Larm and films Like Texas Chainsaw, The Beyond, Exorcist and Last House on the Left.

Also, what are some of the bands/artists that you are currently listening to at the moment?

I like a lot of older music like Venom, Frost, Mayhem, Slayer, Sex Pistols, Ramones and also Elvis, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Smiths/Morrissey.

With bands and projects like Ravenous, Viking Crown, Wurdulak etc… How did you get involved with these projects? What attracted you to them? And what other projects/bands etc… are you currently involved with?

I think what made me truly want to do those bands/projects was the love for other types of extreme metal be it Black, death or ambient. I didn’t want those elements to creep into Necrophagia’s music, any further than they already have, so I used those projects to exorcise those demons. Right now I’m focusing primarily on Necrophagia so we don’t slow down or so that I do not get side tracked. I am working on a very raw, primitive Black Metal band called Haxxan. I’ve had ideas for this crawling in my brain for many years. It’s just being worked on when I have free time. I want it to turn out really well so I’m not rushing it or doing it on any sort of schedule

What’s your opinion on the modern underground metal scene?

I don’t know. There are so many sub genres. I think the people in the scene should be more united and stop forming cliques. I think the fans need to weed out the weak and truly support real bands instead of trends. I really don’t keep up with anything these days, It’s impossible. I just try to keep up on horror related things and even that is really hard at times. It’s truly a labor of love and passion. Horror and gore are my very lifesblood.

Do you still run your record company Baphomet Records? What you can tell us about the type of bands you have and wanted to release?

It’s been on a long hiatus. I do wanna do something in the future but it’s too much for me to handle by myself. I would still love to release the best of old school Black and death metal as well as horror related bands like Giallo’s Flame

Pictured Above – Necrophagia 2010



Killjoy has been a Horror enthusiast for many many years, having attended 100’s of Horror conventions around the world, as well as, writing and acting in films himself, here we continue the interview with his deep passion of Horror Films.


How did you get into Horror Films, what was the first Horror Film you ever saw as a kid?

That’s where it all started for me. When I was very young I saw Night of the Living Dead and I couldn’t stop watching it. I was very scared but I really enjoyed that feeling. Weeks later I watched some of the Christopher Lee /Hammer Dracula films and I was forever then obsessed with horror films. I would eat only Count Chocula, Frankenberry or BooBerry cereal. I wore my Halloween costumes until it fell apart long after Halloween had passed. I would draw vampires, werewolves and monsters on construction paper. I would say I was probably 4 or 5 years old at that time, I always carried plastic vampire teeth in my pocket as well hahaha. Christopher Lee’s blood shot eyes scared me more than anything for many, many years. I had endless nightmares about those eyes watching me and following me.

Most people watch horror films to get the ‘scare factor’. What is the scariest film you have ever seen?

The sad thing about growing up and seeing so many films from an early age is that the “scare factor” leaves very quickly, then it’s more of a morbid fascination. I guess without a doubt the films that scared me the most were Carnival of Souls, The Exorcist and Don’t be Afraid of the Dark.

What is your favourite Horror Film of all time?

Sorry that’s impossible. I will give you a handful tho ;) Black Sunday, Night of the Living Dead, Let’s Scare Jessica to Death, At Midnight I’ll take your soul, The Beyond, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, Buio Omega, Lemora and Cemetery Man. Those are some examples.

You also collect a lot of Memorabilia from the genre, what are some of your most proudest prized possessions?

I have more stuff than I can even keep track of most of the time. Some of my favorite things are a Woof, Woof Munsters Doll from the 1960′s. There’s said to be five or less left in existence. From Hell it Came original Poster, Black Sunday original poster, my first Halloween/scary sounds record which I still have in decent condition. Hmmm I’d say some of the paintings like the cover Basil Gogo’s did for Divine Art, another Barbara Steele painting, some one of kind things that were made for me such a Fulci Zombie clock with a splinted eyeball at the top, A Blind Dead figure my buddy Bruce made for me. A model from Black Sunday that my mate John built and painted for me, and some various Kyra/Karen Cooper collectibles. Those are few of my favorite things.


Pictured Above – August Underground’s Mordum DVD Cover

You were once a member of TOETAG pictures and wrote and acted in a film called ‘August Underground’s Mordum’? What can you tell us about the film? Are you currently still working with them?

Yea that was a blast, we pushed every envelope for the time it was made, it’s the most realistic and depraved story ever captured on tape, just some demented psychos on a killing/torture rampage with absolutely not a single regard for human life of any kind, no mercy, no humanity left inside of the killers. I’m still really close with Toe Tag and we might end up working on some Necrophagia videos together.

You’ve have mentioned that you are working on a film yourself, what can you share about this and what kind of involvement are you planning to have as far as Directing, Writing, Acting etc..?

I can’t go into any detail about it. In my opinion it’s a very, very original and shocking story, it has influences and it’s most definitely a very occult themed story. I wanna direct it. I have some ideas for casting but I’m not gonna say anything right no. It will take almost seven million dollars to shoot it the way its written and I won’t change or make concessions on any of it. I will say it’s closer than anyone would imagine. It will happen.

What is your opinion of Horror Films of recent years, where do you think its going and where do you think it should be heading?

I think there have been some really great films such as The Strangers, House of the Devil and Inside. I really liked Let the Right One In, Trick R Treat and Martyrs. I have no idea what will happen. Horror seems to go in cycles. This time films like Twilight (which I have never seen and never will see) have not ruined real horror.

What’s your opinion of Australia’s contributions to the Horror scene?

I think there are some real gems like Long Weekend, Razorback, Patrick, Next of Kin, Strange Behaviour, Wake in Fright and most recently, Storm Warning, Wolf Creek, Black Water and The Loved Ones. I haven’t seen many as of late but hey regardless of horror films … MAD MAX…enough said hahahaha. I liked Rogue. Just not as much as Black Water, Oh and I remember a very funny, goofy low budget vampire film I used to watch when I was drunk called “Bloodlust” from probably 1991-92. Road Games was cool although not really a horror film so to speak.

Who are some of your favourite Directors of the genre and why?

Mario Bava. He had so much originality and always worked well beyond his budget. He was a true master of creating moods through the camera and lighting. Without Bava and Fellini we would not have had such Italian greats such as Dario Argento. Next would be Fulci. He doesn’t always have the technical proweress/finess of his counterparts like Bava or Argento but he definitely knew how to push the boundaries and limits all the while keeping things very entertaining. He made gore really really special in my opinion. I also like Freddie Francis who directed Torture Garden, Tales that Witness Madness, Creeping Flesh and many other really good English films. He made sure that his direction kept you interested. He was a good story teller with a very good eye. Of course David Croneberg … Scanners, Shivers, Videodrome. He is definitely one of the most eccentric directors outside of David Lynch. Must be something in the Canadian water supply hahahaha

Who are some of your favourite Actors/Actress’ of the genre? In which films and why?

That’s a very long list. Actors: Udo Kier in almost anything, he is enigmatic and he can carry a film. Two of my favorites by him would be “Mark of the Devil” and Flesh for Frankenstein. Christopher George, he always makes me smile with his over the top antics and performances, Pieces and City of the Living Dead. William Shatner, the king of so bad he’s good. Pray for the Wildcats, Impulse, and Kingdom of the Spiders. Terrance Stamp. Brilliant just watch Toby Dammit for an example. William Smith, so very underrated. I loved him in CC and Company, Run Angel Run and Richman Poor Man. Jack Taylor in Female Vampire and Night of the Sorceress. Howard Vernon is one of my all time favorites. He is CREEPY!!!! Franco Nero, David Warbeck, Klaus Kinski another CREEPY guy. Rutger Hauer and many others. Actresses. Barbara Steele (Black Sunday, Long Hair of Death, Nightmare Castle etc. Edwidge Fenech Starnge Vice of Mrs. Wardh, Case of the Bloody Iris and heaps of others. Barbara Bouchet in Amuck, Black Belly of the Tarantula and Don’t Torture a Duckling, Red Queen Kills again. Linda Hayden Karen Black can do no wrong.

What are your thoughts on the many many remakes of horror films?

There haven’t been many that have hit the mark or have even been close to the originals. I liked Psycho, The Fly, Let Me In and I spit on your Grave. I also thought and Soon the Darkness was done very well.

What films in the genre would you like to see re-made?

I was glad they remade The Crazies. I hated the original but at least the remake had some redeeming values. I thin the Human Centipede almost hit the mark but could have been way better. I don’t know. I don’t really like remakes so I’m not the one to ask this to be honest. I can’t give an unbiased opinion.

What films should have never been remade?

Suspiria, The Beyond, Jaws, The Exorcist, Carnival of Souls and Black Sunday.

Here I’d like for you to give us some top Five ‘Killjoy’s Choice’ titles in these categories:



Night of the Living Dead, Rosemary’s Baby, Carnival of Souls, The Exorcist and Black Sunday.


Taste the Blood of Dracula, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, Martin, Let’s Scare Jessica to Death and Trilogy of Terror


Creature from the Black Lagoon, Humanoids from the Deep, Gargoyles, The Thing and Waldemier Daninsky/Werewolf


The Exorcist, Let’s Scare Jessica to Death, The Changleing, The Omen and Carnival of Souls.


Anthropophagous, Aftermath, Imprint, Cutting Moments and Untold Story


The Beyond, Dead Alive, Flowers of Flesh and Blood, Zombi and Maniac. These may not be the most gore drenched but they all have extreme levels of gore that actually make the films better.


Frank Zito, Henry, Harry Warden, Coffin Joe and of course Jason


What??? Aren’t they all true? Amityville Horror, Secret Life of Jeffery Dahmer, Henry Portait of a Serial Killer, Deranged and Wolf Creek


Suspiria, The Beyond, City of the Living Dead, Carnival of Souls, The Omen.


Messiah of Evil, Blood on Satan’s Claw, Alucarda, The Johnsons, Death Valley, Humongous, Love Me Deadly, Lemora,Count Yorga, Town that Dreaded Sundown, Deranged, At Midnight I’ll take your Soul, The Changeling, Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things, Deathship, Alisons Birthday, The Witching, Burn Witch Burn, Confessions of a Serial Killer, Midnight, Dark Secret of Harvest Home, The devil’s Nightmare, Race with the Devil, Girl in Room 2A, The Severed Arm and Doctor Death to name a few…


The Prowler, Maniac, The Burning, Happy Birthday to Me and Pieces.


Right now my favorites are Zombie, Burial Ground, City of the Living Dead, Grapes of Death, and Night of the Living Dead. Seems to change every few years for me but Zombie will never be beat. NOW THAT’S ENETERTAINMENT ZOMBIE STYLE!!!


Rosemary’s Baby, Race with The Devil, The Witching, Alucarda and Curse of the Demon.


Hmmm. Wow. I loved the whole idea and concept behind Dead and Buried, that was just really out there. Like a fukkked up cross between Martin, Phantasm and Deathdream.


Beyond the Door. Best Exorcist rip off ever hahaha


Imprint, Sleepless, The Strangers, Martyrs, House of the Devil, Trick R Treat, Fingerprints, Inside, Wolf Creek, The Descent, Haute Tension, The Collector, The Loved Ones, Hills Run Red, Laid to Rest and probably some others I can’t recall right now. Horror has had a very nice run in recent years.


Barbara Steele, Edwidge Fenech, Barbara Bouchet, Vampira and Solidad Miranda. And for today’s starlets … since you didn’t ask hahahaha. Sophie Monk and Amber Heard.




WATCH THE FILM CLIP FOR ‘Embalmed Yet I Breathe’ Below:

(Taken From The Album Holocausto De La Morte)


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